About Me

I’m currently 25 years old
I live in Ireland (last 12 years), I was born in Poland


Programming was always my hobby. I started working on websites back in 2006, then I started making small utility programs, after a while more advanced websites (custom CMS). After that it was a mix of everything from websites, through utilities to game engines (but I had no graphic/model designer).


In 2012 I started to play Minecraft and after a while (2013) I started to make a mod for it. First I was implementing remote access inventories with ability to automatically move items from one inventory to another (kind of like AE expect without the cables, btw I started working on it before AE was there), I never finished it because I had a lot of other things on my mind back then and when I wanted to get back to it AE was already there. The next mod was much more expanded, it had a custom dimension, tools, blocks, items. And something I was really proud of Inventory Link, attaching a block to an inventory extended it’s inventory to that block (up 15 blocks, that was the limit), in case you are wondering I had that idea before other mods released it (well as far as I know).

Neither of those mods were released, I was mainly playing around with things, MC was perfect to test out different ideas.

Custom engines

I have attempted to create game engines multiple times, both in C++ and Java. C++ is really powerful but also harder to work with, memory management and native GPU calls are definitely the biggest benefit. Java is much easier to work with, no compile time is perfect for prototyping.

I have mainly created basic voxel engines, nothing worth releasing, but I have learned a lot about how those engine work and how to optimize them.

I have played around with:

  • Noise based terrain generators
  • Basic model rendering
  • Path-finding algorithms
  • 3D tile (block & entity) storage
  • 3D Ray-tracing
  • Basic structure generators
  • Maze generators
  • Scripting languages (LUA & Custom)


The main features that attracted me to TUG where good graphics, huge world (10,000 blocks deep), proper lights (with normal maps) and physics. Also it has an extended modding API in LUA, with a promise of providing full modding capabilities (most of the game’s content is written in LUA already).

For ~a month I was watching the forum, posting a bit and gathering info. I have also exported all of the LUA functions for reference and I was going through the code, checking what is possible and what isn’t (I have also found a good few ways to “hack” things in).

Then it was time to start messing with what is possible already, so I have made a video on basic implementation of Conveyor Belt, I was surprised with the amount of feedback and how the community have welcomed me. To be honest I didn’t expect that, the first day after the video I was invited to chat with one of the Devs and I was contacted with a model designer, Sigil.

Shortly after that we have decided to make a full mod, SteamPower.

After that it just went on, on it’s own, having someone to work with especially if you are working in 2 areas that together make the whole thing look good and work well is amazing.

After few months I was invited to join Nerd Kingdom and work on TUG (The Untitled Game).

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