Porting to 0.8.2

The multiplayer patch was one of the major patches, it broke a lot of mods (almost all of them), including my mod and the CommonLib, while it required a lot of work from me to get everything working again it was a good time to clean things up and fix some of the annoying bugs.

I have also decided to go for Survival first this time, instead of Creative so that the mod is actually playable.


There were few major changes related to objects, BasePlaceableObject changed to PlaceableObject and BasePlaceableMaterial changed to PlaceableMaterial. Also the icons have changed now they are in a CEGUI imageset (expect for Creative, since it still needs to be ported), this was one of the hardest changes for our mod, also all of the icons names changed to just name instead of full path. My solution to that was to get the IDE to do the work for me, since I could generate the icons using it, it was just a matter of utilizing that to make the imageset and the texture file for it (also I got it to change all of the icon paths to icon names).

The most significant change was multiplayer, now objects can save and sync to clients, also there is a way for objects to communicate over the net (using Events). I have made tutorials on how to use those new functions/systems, you can find them here.

Another difference is that now there is LocalPlayer (Local/Server Player) and NetworkedPlayer (Remote Player), you have to account for both if you plan on interacting with Players.

The GUI also has changed a lot, Survival is now using LUA CEGUI only, this means that the GUI for survival is fully mod-able, that also includes the Inventory.

Current Status

I don’t have as much time as I used to, during the week I only work on the mod from time to time, but I spend most on my weekend working on the mod, so you can expect updates (either status or release) each weekend. We are hoping to have a test release ready after this weekend (if we get lucky maybe on Sunday evening).

The Connector System (Placement Mode) needs to be simplified, I will be merging it with the normal Ghost Mode (Z) Placement.

We already have the icons in, the systems are all back up are running, there is few core changes that are required to get all of the old functionality back in and we still need to setup the rest of the crafting.

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