GUI Tests & In-game Construction

GUI Tests

I was testing the GUI a bit and I made a Debugging/Info GUI. I will probably change it later on, move it around and change the location of it. It allows any object to implement a function GetDebuggingText() that will return the content of the box.

Here are 2 screenshot (left – additional progress bar, right – proper debugging box, top right):

Image 069 Image 070

GUI Tutorial

Mercor (@mercorinred) has asked me to make a tutorial about the GUI, currently it is a bit complicated and I’m sure everyone who want to start messing with GUI is wondering how it did it. I will be making a tutorial either tomorrow or the next day in which I will explain how to do it.

I will try to make the tutorial (or 3 separate tutorials) cover good few topics, GUI (HUD), in-game rendering(using RDU), saving and loading data from files. I’m sure everyone want to see the Mod – Point of Interest, I got lost so many times I lost count (even in creative), it would be a life saver (or time saver in creative).

In-game Construction

Well there is a lot to it, so you might want to watch the video first.

The way it works:

  1. Place Frame
  2. Add items (right click), the required ingredients are displayed in the info box
  3. Finish the construction (for now right click with empty hand, later on it will have animation and it will take time)
  4. The construction is complete, the machine is now usable

I had good few things to “hack”, but saving and loading fully work, you can pick up the items and if you destroy/pick up the frame the items will drop. It works with the connector system, so the placement of the machines is really simple and they connect well together.

Later on the right click with empty hand will search you inventory for ingredients and add all of them to the construction site. The way it is designed will allow single frame to be reused with different material for different crafting outcomes (for example: Bronze and Iron Conveyor Belts will use the same frame).

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