SteamPower inDev 0.7.1 Porting

As some of you may know I have started to port the mod (SteamPower) to inDev 0.7.1, I wanted to delay it until the next stable update, but I have good few things I want to test in the newest inDev version. First I needed to port the current content, as for those test I will be using the new objects we (me and Sigil) have created and the connector system, mechanical animation and most of the utilities I have already made.

I have already ported most of the content, everything is working but I still need to test few extreme cases. Once all of them will be tested I will release it, it will be highly experimental build (mostly creative, as there are no recipes) in form of tech demo for people to see how things will work (in-game) and how they are written (while I make very little comments, all of the function names are really readable).

If anyone is interested let me know and I will post what changes I had to make to port the game from 0.6.5 to inDev 0.7.1, there weren’t too many. Mostly function name changes, changes in manifest.txt and location of the mods has also changed.


I’m sure most of you want to know what kind of testing I want to do, I have posted some of the tests of the forum in different threads. Here is the full list of both tests and systems I will be trying out:

  • Performance tests (I will try to kill the game in a lot of ways)
  • GUI tests
  • Debugging Utilities
  • New crafting mechanics (in-world building)
  • Logistic/Trigger system (buttons, levers, pressure plates, and doors as test object)
  • Open containers, barrel, racks and pads(for storing of square items that can be stacked, like ingots)
  • If there is a reliable way I want to make a chest
  • Map making utilities (area copy and paste, templates, more block placement options)
  • Gears and axles
  • Pipes (stream, maybe other liquids, liquid metals)

Except the “Performance tests” the list is ordered, the “Performance tests” will be all over the place, I will be making them as I need them or when I have suitable test subject. I will be posting the test results as I make them either here, as a video or on the forum.

I’m expecting those tests to be done within 2 weeks. Hopefully it will attract more modders to join TUG, I have heard that most people think the engines doesn’t allow for much, this isn’t true, it allows for a lot but sometimes the solutions need to be “hacked” in, having that said it’s not too hard, you just need to be patient and test things one by one. If you have problems you can post them on the forum, I’m usually around to help out with most questions.

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