Update on TUG IDE

It has been a while since I last posted about the TUG IDE.

I have got good few things working, but I didn’t have much time to write about them or make videos. I have been busy with stuff not related to TUG, mostly working on websites and making a small program.

Since the content I have posted from the IDE is all over the place, I will go through all of it here. Some of features/functions are still WIP or barely working or crashing. I will be fixing all of the bugs once I get most of planned stuff working.

I’m hoping to have an experimental build up are running within 2/3 weeks from now, but as always there is a lot that could go wrong so it could be delayed (or quicker if I get lucky).

Here is the current status as of 2014.12.08, each time I will update I will be making a new post, so if you are looking for the most recent status check the most recent post in TUG IDE.

TUGON (TUG’s txt)

  • Loading (loading and parsing works already)
  • Debugger (it will report all of the syntax errors)
  • Displaying (Text – WIP)
  • Editor (WIP)
  • Connecting with Models and Script files (WIP)

OBJ Models

  • Loading (it works with TUG models, most models exported with Blender, Maya, Maya LT and probably most of the modeling software)
  • Loading from TUGON files (WIP)
  • Displaying (shaders, normal maps, diffuse maps and light works)
  • Exporting (WIP)

Model Viewer

  • Loading (fully working for OBJs and TGA textures)
  • Shaders (diffuse maps + normal maps + 1 light working)
  • Switching texture (WIP)
  • Reload (WIP)

LUA Editor

  • Editor (WIP)
  • Syntax Highlighting (WIP)
  • Error highlighting (WIP)

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